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New HVAC Installs and Replacements in Houston, TX

New Equipment
Our New Equipment product line consist of the best air conditioning and heating equipment in the HVAC industry. The equipment we sell has the Energy Star rating and is Underwriter Laboratory approved. We service and install all equipment that we sell, Including but not limited to, Carrier, Trane and Comfort Maker.
As a factory authorized Carrier Dealer, we offer Energy Star rating and various retail credit programs.
This product line was selected by our company over many years of proven testing, reliability and customer feed-back. We believe this equipment will deliver optimal performance for your home comfort while providing the best value for your investment.

Important: R.22 equipment was phased-out at the end of 2009.

R.410 Equipment has replaced R.22 equipment. A replacement air-condition system will typically require the following: Outdoor R.410 condensing unit, indoor evaporator coil and supply air-plenum, horizontal (attic) copper line-set for oil contamination prevention.

Special Offer Financing

Air Technology LLC has a finance plan established with Wells Fargo Retail Services so you can afford the air conditioner or heating system you need, when you need it. The Plan will provide 100% financing for the Total Job Cost with approved credit.

Our manufacturers have teamed up with Wells Fargo to provide financing terms for up to 24 months with 0% interest! To get started, we'll undergo a New Installation Consultation to determine what equipment works best for you, and how much the job will cost. The installation cost is provided in written form on our Proposal during the consultation, or it can be faxed, or emailed to you.

Once we have determined the Job Cost (financed amount) we will submit a credit application to Wells Fargo for approval. The approval process is performed the same day we receive your signed credit application. Call us today at 713-270-4010 to learn more.
Air Conditioner Financing Available - Air Technology HVAC Services in Houston, TX


  1. Outdoor High-Efficiency Condensing Units with efficiencies ranging from 13 SEER to 20 SEER. These outdoor units are grouped into two (2) efficiency classes of equipment:
    • Single stage equipment ( up to 15 SEER efficiency )
    • Two-stage – Premium Equipment ( up to 20 SEER efficiency )
    • Note: The two stage equipment will deliver the highest level of dehumidification, and energy efficiency. The two-stage equipment also incorporates more features for ease of operation, protection of compressor, and self-diagnostics when troubleshooting a problem.
  2. Outdoor High-efficiency Heat Pump Units with efficiencies ranging from 13 SEER to 20 SEER
  3. Indoor Gas Electronic Furnaces are grouped into two (2) � different classes of equipment:
    • Standard (non-variable) speed PSC blower with single stage gas heating.
    • Two stage – Premium (variable-speed) blower with two stage gas heating.
    • Note : The two-stage outdoor unit is typically sold with the two-stage gas electronic furnace for optimal performance. The two-staged outdoor unit provides a higher SEER rating when installed with a matched indoor two-staged gas furnace and coil, or an indoor fan/coil unit.
  4. Indoor Electric Blower / Coil Units are used in electric heat applications. These units are provided in both straight cool (non-heat pump), and heat pump applications. They are installed with a matched outdoor condensing unit to provide a specific SEER rating
  5. Indoor Hi-Efficiency Evaporator Coil with Thermostatic Expansion Valve is used with a matched indoor gas electronic furnace, and the outdoor condensing unit to comprise a complete system providing both air conditioning and gas heating for the home.